For many years now, people have been finding meaning and positive affirmations in tarot card readings. Although there is hardly any evidence of their credibility, it is a practice to develop a feel-good factor in an individual and throw light on their improvement in various aspects of life. Hence, this practice is less about future predictions and more about how to reflect on one’s life for better living.

If you’re interested in tarot card reading and looking for a guide to get started on the basics, this article is curated just for you.

Steps to start with tarot card reading

Step 1: Choosing a deck

Choosing a deck

There is a plethora of options when choosing a deck of cards. They have cards that feature images or illustrations, each with a different meaning. According to different style themes, these cards have also been re-imagined many times by tarot card reading experts. When choosing a deck of cards, select the ones that resonate and speak with you and your personality. It is recommended to buy the deck in a store instead of online platforms so that you can hold and feel the energies of the cards.

Step 2: Understand the basics before starting out

You cannot read the cards if you’re unaware of the basics. A tarot deck comprises 78 cards divided into major arcana and minor arcane.

The major arcana comprises 22 cards that speak about the bigger picture in life, like career, relationships, health, etc. The remaining cards are the minor arcana, which symbolize the day-to-day tribulations of life. These cards are further divided into – cups, swords, wands, and pentacles.

Step 3: Begin with a question in your mind.

The aim of reading tarot is to find answers to your questions that are impossible to find by logical thinking. Pick a card with a question in mind and reflect on the symbolism of the card to fetch answers. You have to remember that tarot cards are just tools for introspection, so it is best to keep an open mind while finding solutions.

Spet 4: Prepare the ambiance

Prepare the ambiance

Some people like to use crystals to calm the environment in the room, while others light scented candles and use a particular tablecloth. Do whatever resonates with you to set the mood of the ambiance. Before you begin, you can also cleanse the energies of the cards by burning incense or using lavender sprays, etc.

Step 5: Shuffling and Cutting

While shuffling your card, it is best to think of the question in mind to which you’re finding answers. Once you’re done, place the cards facedown and separate them into smaller decks. Now you’re ready to draw your cards from the deck.

Step 6: Interpreting the cards

Once you pull the cards of your choice, based on intuition, make sure to place them faced upwards. Then, depending on your questions, the cards will be able to provide an answer to your ambiguity vaguely.

A Beginner’s Guide to Tarot Card Reading