Intuitions are enhanced, but they’re not for everyone!

Psychics are spiritual professionals that benefit from predicting the future to talking about the deceased. In today’s world, these psychics are also professionally called intuitive healers who channel energies and make the most out of life.

A senior Vice President of Communications at Goop spoke to the New York Times, stating that most of these mediums focus on educating people about their past, present, and future and help direct their energies to believe in gut and institutions.

What is Mediumship?

It is a widespread practice of communication between spirits of the dead and living beings. People who perform such practices are called spirit mediums or mediums.


Despite the absence of objective evidence on the abilities, psychic belief is still widespread worldwide. The practice gained popularity in the 19th century when the upper classes used the Ouija board as a source of entertainment.

In the world of spiritism and spiritualism, mediumship has an intermediate role that connects the world of spirits and the world of the living. Mediums often boast they can talk to spirits and relay their messages using automatic writing or drawing techniques. There are two categories of mediumships:

  • Physical mediums are believed to produce spiritual materialization, including bell-ringing, knocking, rapping, etc.
  • Mental mediums generally sync with the spirit world by sensing, seeing, or listening to the spirits.

In both these practices, the mediums tune in to a trance state that allows them to connect to deceased spirits and allows them to take control of their minds.

Mediumship terminologies

Some of the essential terminologies of this practice include:

  • Spirit guide
  • Spirit operator
  • Mental mediumship
  • Trans mediumship
  • Physical mediumship
  • Direct voice
  • Channeling

The growth of psychic mediums

Extensive research on mediums found that the market for psychic services has steadily grown over the last five years. In 2018, it reached a revenue of 2 billion dollars.

In recent years, many wellness programs and wellness coaches have integrated mediumship in their professional practices as people are keen on finding the unknown, which brings a sense of relief to their minds. Likewise, a person who relies on soul-search generally opts for mediumship services as well, which can help their spiritual, mental, and overall growth.

Empaths work as psychic readers who pick on their client’s energy and provide the necessary solution for their problems.


Although the market for mediumship has grown steadily over the years, the incorporation of the practice with professional life coaching is still bleak. This is due to the varied mindsets and belief systems of people worldwide. On the other hand, life coaching is meant to improve all areas of one’s life by mending their behavior, and mediumship deals with the spiritual aspect. Therefore, the amalgam of these two sectors can provide exciting results for people seeking answers.

Are Psychics Mediums the New Wellness Coaches?