the 50/50 club

Street Bean has a dream similar to many of the young people we employ:

financial independence.

Many of the apprentices who work as your baristas are working toward financial independence to reclaim their lives, dreams and the dignity of a self-sustaining paycheck.

As it turns out, so are we.

After being founded in 2009,  we have seen tremendous support and growth thanks to our amazing customer base. However, we still rely on our sister organizations New Horizons for some funding, and it’s our dream to become completely financially independent so that their funds can support the many other services they offer.

That’s where you come in.

You can help us realize our dream of independence by becoming an exclusive member of the 50/50 Club.


What’s it take to become a member?

Members of the 50/50 Club are those individuals who:

believe in Street Bean's mission and future
desire to invest in Street Bean's apprentices' futures
donate $50 monthly to help Street Bean achieve our dream of financial independence

Are there perks to becoming a member?

Absolutely. 50/50 Club members receive:

a free bag of coffee every quarter

the satisfaction of helping out a local non-profit that's seeking to help others out

unlimited hugs, compliments and high-fives

If 50 people donate $50/month to Street Bean, the 50/50 Club will have us well on our way to financial independence.

Want to join the 50/50 Club? Start changing our lives (and the lives of street-involved youth) today. Simply click the button below, select “50” as your donation amount, and select “Monthly” as the Donation Frequency option.