Street Bean

coffee that tastes good. coffee that does good.

there's a lot in our


We buy, sell and serve some of the world’s finest coffee beans, expertly roasted in our conveniently located Belltown store. But our coffee doesn’t just taste good; our coffee does good. Whether you’re visiting for a handcrafted espresso or a single-origin pourover, your coffee won’t just have notes of spice, cocoa, caramel or blackberry – it’ll have notes of expertise, impact and community.


Our in-house roaster and trained baristas put thought, care and attention into the beans we serve so that every sip of your Americano, latte, cappuccino or Chemex brew leaves you hoping it’s not the last.


Every bag of our coffee you buy provides one hour of job training for a street-involved young person. We are a
501(c)(3) organization that offers apprenticeships to young people seeking to exit street life.


We believe coffee is more than a product – it’s a bridge to community. We hope to bridge gaps in our community as a space that fosters conversations that matter over a product that tastes and does good.